Namaste, I simply bow to you all for this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow from this training program with NPR’s NextGenRadio in St. Louis. St. Louis Public Radio’s slogan is “Understanding Starts Here.” I felt this reflected my experience throughout this project. 

I started the program like a kid going to school for the first time, both anxious and excited. Each day brought new learning experiences – from writing a haiku and learning to record an interview to doing a stand up and putting together a web story. My favorite part was learning how to record an interview using the Marantz. It was a totally new experience that I enjoyed – followed closely by writing my haiku.

The one thing I learned during the week is not to give up and try to get out of my comfort zone more often. I was fortunate to be paired with Nina, my mentor. She was my pillar of support throughout the week. 

I wish I could have come onto the project with more hands-on experience with Adobe Audition. It would have made the experience less stressful in the middle of the week. But now I think it was all part of the learning experience.

I hope to take these lessons and use this one-of-a-kind training to help me explore new horizons. I simply loved working on this project and getting to know everyone. I feel enlightened interacting with each member of the team. You all are true inspirations and role models. 

I hope to start a travel blog soon. I plan on using more technology and will be more active on social media to connect and explore further opportunities.