As I sit back and reflect on the week we’ve had here together I’m filled with gratitude. I came into this program wanting to learn the ins and outs of photojournalism but also to create meaningful relationships. Not once have I felt alone in this process and If I ever had a question it was answered without hesitation or making me feel less than. I wanted a look into a more professional world as I have personally only operated from a social media standpoint. Before now I didn’t know anything about the audio world and now, I’m trying to figure out ways to get my own audio equipment in hopes of continuing to do photo essays on my own. I never once thought about the possibilities of doing my own photo essays but now I’ll walk away from this week with the knowledge of how to create an effective essay that tells the stories I’m interested in. I often like incorporating history into my art and this can be a tool to do so. I learned about a new program called Audition and the possibilities that are there with this program. I never knew the difference between waveform and an MP3 but now I do. The hands-on opportunity taught me so much in such a short time.

This week pushed me way out of my comfort zone and it’s exactly what I needed. While my hands may have been sweating in various moments I showed myself that I can step up and do the things that make me uncomfortable to get the story I desire. I did my first stand up ever and while it took me forever, not once did I give up. Even during the reshoot process. All in all, I will walk away from this program a better photojournalist and creator. I hope that one day I can help someone in the ways that you all have helped me in this week of knowing me.